Approval Case Decision Rendered Meaning

Every time you submit an application to USCIS, either for a work permit, green card, or birth certificate, you’ll be notified of every single progress on your case status. And not all statuses in your USCIS case require any action; some of them just tell you.

How about an USCIS status that says “Approval Case Decision Rendered?” In fact, there are lots of applicants who get this notification, but they don’t know what it means. So, they get confused about what they have to do next.

If it also happens to you, let’s discover it below!

What Does the Approval Case Decision Rendered Mean?

If your USCIS case status got moved and it is now “Approval Case Decision Rendered,” it means that your case was approved. In general, the decision rendered was an approval, indicating that your application was adjudicated.

Approval Case Decision Rendered Meaning

This notification will usually be provided by USCIS after they are actively reviewing your application form. This means that USCIS is currently preparing what they have to issue, depending on the application form you’ve submitted.

For example:

Form I-765: If you submitted Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and your case status says “Approval Case Decision Rendered,” your EAD card is currently produced. And USCIS will soon deliver it to you.

Form N-600: If you filed a N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship for your children, and you get the “Approval Case Decision Rendered” status, it could have two meanings, including

    1. USCIS will soon schedule an “Oath Ceremony” for those who are over 14 years old.
    2. USCIS will soon mail the Oath Ceremony Notice. While children under 14 don’t have to follow the ceremony, and their birth certificates are now produced,.

Form I-485: If you filed Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, and you receive the notification, it means that USCIS will soon send an Oath Ceremony notice by mail.

Form I-290B: If you submitted Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion, and you’re notified “Approval Case Decision Rendered,” it means that USCIS received your case and a receipt notice will be immediately delivered to you.

Well, that’s what “Approval Case Decision Rendered” means for your USCIS case status.

How to Check Your USCIS Case Status

It’s pretty simple to check your case status. Fortunately, USCIS offers a Case Status Online tool that you can access here.

You can actually use the tool to track the status of a petition, immigration application, or request. To use it, you must have a receipt number that you receive from USCIS after you file any application.

    • If you already have one, you can simply type it on the available bar on the tool.
    • Then, enter the letters and numbers shown in the box.
    • To continue checking, click “Check Status.”

The following page will bring up a few statuses on your USCIS case. And you should see the current case status for the latest progress of your case.

Alternatively, you can check your USCIS case status faster by creating an account on myUSCIS here.

Once it is successfully created, you’ll have to log into your account. There, you can see all of your cases and their statuses, as well as your pending applications or petitions. Through myUSCIS, you’ll get notified every time your application is approved, and you can see the approval notice online.

How to Check USCIS Processing Times

Actually, it’s best for you to check the USCIS processing times before checking your case status. Why? Actually, it can answer where your application is currently and where it will finally be processed.

Further, you will know how long your immigration case will take and why your application gets a slow process and even takes over half a year in your case.

If you do not know where your case is finally processed, it will be complicated if an interview is required. However, you have to track down the processing time of your USCIS case so you can easily know where an interview will be taken.

To check the USCIS processing times, you can do it here.

Then, you must select the form you’ve submitted to USCIS. Don’t forget to choose the form category. Last, select the field office or service center that processes your application. Click “Get Processing Time” to continue.

The Meaning of USCIS Case Statuses That You Usually Receive

It’s important to note that we do not show every status assigned by USCIS to the applicant’s case. Instead, we only explain the common ones to make it easier for you to understand them and know what you must do next.

Let’s take a look at them!

    • “My Case Was Received”: The status means that a receipt notice was created and is being delivered by mail to your email address.
    • “My Case Was Updated to Show Fingerprint Were Taken”: It notifies that the biometric appointment was completed. In a rare case, past biometrics from a prior USCIS application were applied to the new application.
    • “My Fingerprint Fee Was Received”: The status means that your biometric fee of $85 has been received and applied to the filling.
    • “My Case is Being Actively Reviewed”: The status notifies you that you shouldn’t take any action. It instead tells you that your application is being processed.
    • “My Case is on Hold”: It notifies you that USCIS is reaching out to another agency to review or process your application. It is because USCIS cannot handle all of the immigration filings.
    • “My Case is Scheduled for an Interview”: The status means that USCIS has scheduled an interview and the notice will be delivered by mail containing the date and time of the interview.
    • “My Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for an Interview”: It means that your application has been transferred to the local USCIS office for the interview. You may receive a call from the USCIS office nearby.
    • “My Request for Additional Evidence Was Sent”: It tells you that USCIS needs updated or new documents to complete your application, or USCIS may also lose an important document in your application. Usually, they will give you 30 or 87 days to respond.
    • “My Request for Additional Evidence Was Received”: This is a note to notify you that their RFE request was received and your application process will be resumed. No action is required if you receive this notification.
    • “My Case Was Approved”: The status means that your filling was successfully approved. Sure, every application loves this notification.
    • “My Card Was Mailed to Me”: It notifies you that USCIS will soon deliver the card to you, and your card is awaiting USPS to pick it up.
    • “My Card Was Picked Up By USPS”: The status means that USPS has picked up your card from the USCIS office and they are shipping it to you. It’s best for you to track your card using the USPS tracking tool.
    • “My Card Was Delivered to Me by the Post Office”: It means that USPS notified the USCIS that your card has been successfully delivered. So, you can immediately check your mailbox.
    • “My Case Was Submitted for Qualify Review Based on an Approval Recommendation”: The status is usually for an N-400 application. USCIS needs to review the alien’s application for corrections for any errors prior to the Naturalization Oath Ceremony to become a U.S. citizen.
    • “My Certificate of Naturalization Was Issued”: It tells you that USCIS has issued your certificate of naturalization.
    • “My Case Was Sent to the Department of State”: The status is usually for I-130 and I-129F petitions. It means that the National Visa Center will receive the fillings that were sent by USCIS for processing at the U.S. Consulate or Embassy Abroad, a part of the Department of State (DOS).

Okay, those are several common statuses that many people may receive after they file any USCIS application.

Sure, you can monitor every progression in your case through the USCIS online system, so you can easily know what happened in your case and understand what you must do.

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