Bi State Jail Texarkana Booking Information

Bi State Jail Texarkana Booking Information

If you are a family member, a friend, or a legal representative of an incarcerated individual, it is important for you to understand how to access booking information. This can vary, depending on the correctional facility. For example, if your incarcerated individual is placed at Bi-State Jail in Texarkana, you need to find out how to access booking information from Bi-State Jail, Texarkana.

Bi-State Jail Overview

Bi-State Jail is the name of the jail that is located in Texas. Specifically, it is located at 100 N. State Line Ave, Texarkana, Texas 75501. This jail is operated by the Bowie County, Texas sheriff. It houses individuals arrested by the Texarkana Texas Police Department. For more information about the Bi-State Jail, do not hesitate to call its phone number at 903-798-3199.

Bi-State Jail Texarkana Booking Information

For anyone who is looking for the booking information of someone who is held in the Bi-State Jail Texarkana, there are a few ways that you can try, as follows:

Method 1: Call Bi-State Jail phone number

The best and the most recommended way to obtain Bi-State Jail booking information is by calling Bi-State Jail phone number at 903-798-3199. Before calling them, make sure to prepare the information about the inmate first, such as their full name and their date of birth.

Method 2: Visit Bi-State Jail

If you are the kind of person who prefers to communicate with people face-to-face, you can consider visiting the jail in person. The address that you can visit is:

Bi-State Jail
100 N. State Line Ave
Texarkana, Texas 75501

If you want to visit Bi-State Jail, you are suggested to check the visiting hours first. Aside from that, you should also check for any requirements or restrictions. On the day of the visit, make sure to also bring a valid ID and any necessary documentation with you just in case you are required to show them.

Method 3: Visit the official website of Bowie County Sheriff’s Office

As the Bi-State Jail is operated by the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, it is possible for you to access booking information of those who are incarcerated at this jail by using an inmate search tool provided by the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office. In order to find such a thing, you can follow the following instructions:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to go to the official website of Bowie County Texas at
    2. When you are on its front page, find QUICKLINKS located at the left side of the page.
    3. Then, find County Offices and move your cursor to it to expand it.
    4. When it expands, choose Sheriff.
    5. On the Bowie County Sheriff page, click the Bowie County Jail Inmate Search button.
    6. When on the new page, click Jail Records.
    7. After that, enter the information about the defendant and click Search.
    8. Just like that you will be shown with the jail records search results, including booking number, defendant name, defendant date of birth, booking date, release date, arresting agency, and charges.

Method 4: Use VINE

Apparently, Bi-State Jail uses Victim Information and Notification Everyday or VINE to provide updates on the custody status of offenders. This free service is undoubtedly useful for those who are looking for information about the inmate. You can go to the official website of VINE at to find such information.

Method 5: Use inmate search websites

In addition to these methods above, you can also use one of the third-party websites that provide information about the inmate from various sources. The websites that you can consider include Jail Exchange, InmateAid, and so on. These websites are known to provide updated booking details. Go visit one of the websites, especially when you do not get the information that you need from the official channels.

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General Booking Process

Keep in mind that the booking process or the procedures that follow a criminal arrest may be different from one jurisdiction to another. In general, it usually includes:

1. Record the name of the suspect and the crime the suspect was arrested for

The first step that the law enforcement will usually do is to gather information about the suspect, including their name, contact information, alleged crime and criminal charges, and other important information. The information can come from various sources, including the suspect themselves, the police, and the witnesses.

2. Take a mugshot

Then, the suspect will be asked to stand or sit down for a series of photos that are known as the mugshot. For your information, there are a lot of uses of mug shots, including helping to determine which of two individuals with the same name was arrested, helping to establish the physical condition of the suspect at the time of arrest, and so on.

3. Take the clothing and personal property of the suspect into custody

After taking the mugshot, sometimes the suspect will be asked to wear a jail uniform and to hand their personal belongings to the law enforcement. Actually, it is possible for the suspect to get their items back if these items are not contraband or not considered as evidence.

4. Take fingerprints of the suspect and some other things

The fingerprints of the suspect will be recorded, ten of them. In case the crime in question has fingerprint evidence, the fingerprints of the suspect will be compared to the ones found on the evidence to find out whether or not the suspect is the culprit. After the process, their fingerprints will be kept by the law enforcement. Not only the fingerprints but they may also be asked to submit saliva, hair, or other DNA samples.

5. Conduct a full body search

A full body search is like a must, even if the crime is considered minor like a misdemeanor or the one where violence or drugs is not involved. During the search, the suspect will usually be asked to remove all clothing. For anyone who is wondering why this kind of search is needed, it is to make sure that the suspect does not hide weapons or drugs.

6. Check for warrants

The suspect will be asked if they have any other charges pending, such as unpaid parking tickets, murder charges in another state, or other things. If they have warrants pending, they will not be able to be released with bail.

7. Conduct health screening

In order to protect everyone, including the jail officials and other inmates, the suspect will have to go through health screening. This may include X-rays and blood tests to detect serious diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, gonorrhea, and so on.

8. Gather other information

Apart from the information in the first step, the suspect will also be asked about gang affiliations or other factors to minimize the likelihood or violence and injuries.

9. Incarceration

After going through all the steps above, the suspect will usually be placed in a cell or other place to await trial or the posting of bail. Then, they will be given time to call someone.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is pretty easy to access booking information at the Bi-State Jail located in Texarkana, Texas, if you know where to look. It does not matter if you choose to call the correctional facility, visit it in person, or use an online resource, the process will be faster if you have the correct and complete information. After getting information, do not forget to verify details through official channels to make sure that the information that you get is accurate.

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