How to Become an Approved Vendor for Prisons

How to Become an Approved Vendor for Prisons

Do you have a business and are looking for business opportunities? If the answer to the question is yes, you may want to consider becoming a vendor for prisons. However, you should know that the process to become an approved one requires careful attention to detail. Besides, you should also follow the strict guidelines. Fortunately, you are here where you will be able to be guided to become an approved vendor for prisons.

Learning about the Market

Before finding out how to become an approved vendor for prisons, it is important for you to learn about the market. Apparently, prisons have unique needs and regulations that govern the products and services that they can get. Usually, the needs include but not limited to:

    • Inmate commissary: Vendors can provide essential items such as food, personal hygiene products, clothing, and electronics through prison commissaries.
    • Inmate healthcare: Vendors can supply medicines, medical equipment, and healthcare services that fit the prison environment.
    • Institutional supplies: Vendors can offer goods that are important for the operation of correctional facilities, such as bedding, furniture, and cleaning supplies.

Becoming an Approved Vendor for Prisons

There are several steps and processes to follow to become an approved vendor for prisons. Check out the guidelines for some federal and states agencies below:

Federal Bureau of Prisons or BOP:

The government of the United States has a centralized purchasing system called the System for Award Management or SAM. Its official website is | Home. On this one, the Federal Bureau of Prisons or BOP usually share all their procurement requests. By visiting it, you will be able to find all bidding opportunities.

For those who want to become a federal vendor, the first thing that you have to do is to register your business through SAM. After completing the registration process, you will be assigned a Unique Entity ID. Once your company is appropriately set up, you will be able to bid for opportunities. It is really easy to find the opportunities. Everything can be found on no one other than SAM. On the website, there is the search function that makes it possible for you to narrow down opportunities based on a number of criteria. Besides, you can also narrow down these things based on the kind or product or service you offer, location, and other things.

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According to the official website of Alabama Correctional Industries or ACI, they regularly purchase goods and services that are needed for a number of product lines. In order to become an Alabama correctional industries vendor, first of all, you have to download and fill out the vendor form so your goods may be considered for purchase. The form can be found at The information that you have to provide in the form includes your name, email address, phone number, county, and agency or department. After providing these things, write down your message, attach our file, and then press the Submit button.

Aside from that, you should also be registered in the State of Alabama Accounting and Resource System or STAARS for payment. Just go to the following link to register:


For anyone who wants to become a vendor and do business with the State of Florida, it is a must for you to create a vendor account in the portal called My Florida Market Place Vendor Information Portal or MFMP VIP. Here is the link to go to the portal: Before registering, make sure to collect several information first, including the name of the company, its federal tax ID, tax filing name, the location of the business, commodities and services offered by the company, and certified business enterprise status.

Once you have successfully created a vendor account in the portal mentioned above, the next thing that you have to do is to search for opportunities. You can do it by using the Business Network at or VIP. If you want to find resources on researching opportunities to do business with the state, just go to the State of Florida Research Tools lesson in the Vendor Guide at amazon here.

After that, you may want to see the information about payment. To do that, you can visit the Vendor Payment History at If you want to review consolidated billing invoices and pay the transaction fee, make sure to log in to VIP.

In addition, you can also review your performance as a vendor. Not only your performance but also the performance of other vendors. All the ratings from state agencies can be found in VIP in the Vendor Performance Tracking section.

New York:

As stated on its official website, the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision or DOCCS Contract Procurement Unit or CPU has formal competitive bids. All the bid opportunities are shared with the New York Contract Reporter. Here is the link where you can find the current formal competitive bids: Procurement Opportunities | Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (

If you have an organization or business and want to do business with DOCCS, you are encouraged by the CPU to sign up for email notifications from the New York State Contract Reporter that is provided by Empire State Development. It is really easy to register for it. The steps include reading terms of service, creating logging account, entering account information, and getting activation code. To start the process, go to New York State Contract Reporter – Account Registration ( After signing up with it, you will receive emails regarding bid opportunities.

North Carolina:

As stated on the official website of North Carolina Department of Adult Correction Enterprises, the Correctional Enterprises in this state relies on many things supplied by vendors, including good quality goods, raw materials, and services. They team up with vendors to achieve their goal in providing offenders with job skills and training. Currently, there are a number of Correction Enterprises’ plants which each of them is located at or close to a North Carolina correctional institute. All of them are as follows:


Industry Offender Jobs


Metal products plant, inmate packaging



Package and distribution, employee awards






Sign plant





Sign reclaiming plant








Sewing and braille transcription



Meat processing plant






Printing services plant, optical plant



Janitorial products plant



Administration, framing and matting, license tag plant, sewing





Spruce Pine



Tabor City




Woodworking plant, upholstery plant



Roanoke river farm, cannery, fresh produce warehouse


Whiteville Sewing


If you want to become a vendor, you will have to register your business with NC E-Procurement. By registering with it, you will not only be able to sell a lot of things to Correctional enterprises, but also to every other state agency in North Carolina. In case you have no idea about NC E-Procurement, it refers to a thing that provides an innovative, cheap, and efficient way of purchasing. Plus, it also has the ability to give vendors more access to markets without extra supplier marketing efforts.

To be able to become a HUB or NCSBE Certified vendor for the state of North Carolina and receive purchase orders and public bidding invitations, here is step by step to follow:

    1. Firstly, you should go to NC electronic Vendor Portal or eVP at
    2. When you are on the homepage, click the Sign in or Register button.
    3. Next, choose the Login button.
    4. Then, click Sign up now button.
    5. On the new page, you have to enter your email address and then click Send verification code button to get the verification code sent to your email.
    6. Once you receive the verification code from your email, enter it on the field and select the Verify code button.
    7. In the next step, set a password and retype it and provide given name and surename.
    8. Then, click the Create button.
    9. When you are taken back to the home screen, click the Complete Registration button.
    10. On the Vendor Registration page, provide the information about you if you are a vendor, click on the check box next to I have read and agree to the eVP Terms of Use and click the blue Next button.
    11. Afterward, you will be asked to provide the information about your company. Please complete it well.
    12. It does not stop here. There are some other sections that you will have to complete. If you want to find the full guide, you can watch the video at below:


Virginia has a centralized procurement system called eVA. This one was created by the Virginia Department of Corrections or VADOC. On the official website of eVA, you will be able to find al business opportunities. If you want to provide goods and services to them, it will be needed for you to become an eVA-registered vendor. Not only that but also you have to accept purchase orders through eVA. To be able to become a vendor, first of all, you need to go to the official website of eVA at and when you are there, you can register as a vendor.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, becoming an approved vendor for prisons can be challenging task. However, it can be a good opportunity for businesses who want to invest the time and effort to follow the long process of approval. It should be noted that the requirements may be different, depending on the states or agencies. To successfully become an approved vendor for prisons, you should make sure to follow their guidelines and register accordingly.

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