How to Lookup Car Owner (Name and Address) by License Plate Number

How to Lookup Car Owner (Name and Address) by License Plate Number

Technological advances in the information sector allow us to find various types of information easily via the Internet. This is made easier by the existence of Google and the integration of every aspect of life on the internet. Therefore, is there a way to find out the name of someone you don’t know?

In this case it is not related to criminal intent. The aim is more to find out a person’s identity to be able to assist in legal investigations involving the use of a person’s private vehicle. This private property, tools or vehicles are used to carry out criminal acts.

On several occasions, you may feel annoyed and disturbed by the behavior of people who park their vehicles right in front of your house for a very long time and also find drivers who drive recklessly on busy public roads. Problems that are considered trivial like this could become a problem if someone disturbs them, especially if it disturbs the realm of privacy.

When you encounter two problems like that, you might be curious about how to find someone’s name from their car plate. For those of you who already have a driver’s license from the issuing state and also the vehicle plate number, you can find out the name of the car driver in several ways. You can find reviews on how to find the address and name of the owner of a car or vehicle using the number plate.

How to Find the Owner of a License Plate Number

With a license plate number, you can get basic information about a person ranging from name, home address, and even public records. The great thing is, that when you find a name by finding out the number plate, you can continue your investigation more easily. You can access information about the person’s driving history, criminal record, and social media profiles.

However, please remember that this needs to be used wisely and solely for investigative needs or for reporting with evidence. It is not used to carry out criminal acts which could land you in the realm of law and give you heavy penalties.

On the other hand, parties who provide information regarding number plates and personal identity also need to pay attention to legal interests and privacy which must be upheld. They also shouldn’t just provide this kind of information because it could be that the party asking for the information doesn’t really have a good purpose. It is necessary to carry out an investigation before submitting this kind of information so that unwanted criminal acts do not occur.

Search for Name and Address based on Number Plate

The information you can obtain using a license plate search is also regulated by state laws to limit it. Searching for addresses and names via license plates may be invalid and even considered illegal in some states.

One could argue that this is in line with the previous explanation that the act of requesting this information is not always permitted in all states. This step is considered very wise, and the public also needs to realize that this community service is general and comprehensive, so it is not only in the interests of a few people or certain forces.

1. Find Name and Address by License Plate via DMV

The Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV has the right and authority to search based on license plates. Officially registered driver records and license plates are owned by this DMV. You must determine whether the state’s jurisdiction allows sharing information regarding the name and address of the car owner via the license plate registered with the DMV. You can directly visit a state’s DMV website or make a telephone call directly if the record request is permitted according to the jurisdiction’s regulations.

Get to Know the DMV

It is known that the DMV is the party responsible for taking care of matters related to vehicles. Several related things, such as vehicle emission and safety inspections, vehicle registration, issuing identity cards and providing driving permits, transferring vehicle ownership, driver record databases, bills related to vehicle sales, selling customized number plates, there are many other things that can be done. handled by the DMV.

Each state has an official institution with a different name. The MVA is a motor vehicle administration agency for the state of Maryland that is part of the Department of Transportation. Then there is OMV or Office of Motor Vehicles in Louisiana, and the Transportation Cabinet in the state of Kentucky. In the state of Nevada there is a list that refers to the state’s 50 DMV branch offices.

You also need to know that driving licenses and motor vehicle registration certificates can be made at different institutions in different states.

The DMV’s move to provide online services is an effort to facilitate and simplify the process of applying for and creating vehicle numbers or other processes. This will enable all levels of society to become law-abiding citizens easily.

Another aim of the online system is to invite the public to take an active role in the development and security of legal vehicle protection. Everything can be done very easily, both procedurally and in terms of accessibility.

With all the ease of the process that can be done online, there are still things that require you to come directly to the DMV. You need to come in person when your vehicle needs an annual inspection and smog test.

Whether or not the driving license renewal process and vehicle registration process can be carried out online will be notified via a letter that arrives in your mailbox. Please also note that the driving test can only be done in person and requires coming to the DMV.

Another convenience of this online system is that you can make an appointment, or take a queue number so you can save more time. The online queue number may give you information about how long before your turn will be served. This will make it easier for you to estimate when you need to come to the DMV without having to wait too long.

2. Making a Formal Request

Requesting by providing official information is a required step in some states. You can get the required forms through websites, state governments, and also the DMV. Each jurisdiction may charge a fee for its creation and the duration of the search will also vary.

The very important thing to pay attention to is filling out the form very carefully and in detail without any errors. Pay attention to the spelling or writing of your name and other related matters so as not to confuse the officer when reviewing the statement letter you sent. This mistake can create a domino effect that may be unimaginable.

3. Reviewing Search Results

The state government will then send you a search result letter or a link via a messaging application so you can access the information online. It all depends on the policies of each government. In some cases, you may be required to come in person to receive documents. You can also request a copy or print it, but you need to pay a fee for that.

4. Searching Through the Police

You may have witnessed a hit-and-run incident that made you want to find out who and where the address of the owner of the car involved in the incident was. In conditions like this, you may be inspired to help and search online for the identity of the hit-and-run perpetrator. However, in this case, you should contact the police first.

Visiting the police station as a first step is the wisest decision when you are the person involved in or witnessing a hit-and-run incident. You can submit the license plate number that you have recorded to the police for further action.

You can get a report or note regarding the accident which contains information about the name and address of the car driver when the related case has been resolved or closed.

Another Method of Searching Using License Plate Numbers

You may not find any other way than doing an internet search. This is because most DMVs in the state do not provide free access for the public to obtain information based on license plates.

Through the online method, you only need to input the state and license plate number in the online search engine. After that, you will find a list of the results you are looking for. Most info is courtesy of independent third-party search companies. They have connections that can allow them to disseminate information to the public.

It should be noted that these search services usually have an unproven reputation. Free search and providing results quickly are sweet promises that are usually made to attract interest. You may find that you will be asked to register and pay a fee to get the final results you need.

Another point to pay attention to is that search service providers with fast results mostly use old data that is no longer valid, in other words, the information given to you is useless.

You can find search services based on number plates that have a good reputation and are trustworthy, and they have been open about the costs involved and operational schedules from the start.

Official Reason for Accessing License Plate Records

Providing driver information and records through number plate searches has different rules in each region. The purpose of making these regulations is to protect each person’s privacy; however, providing information is still permitted under several circumstances that permit it. These situations include:

    • Investigations for law enforcement purposes such as vehicle theft, car accidents, vehicle towing
    • The claims process carried out by the insurance service provider
    • Market research carried out by an agency
    • The process of verifying an individual’s identity carried out for business purposes

Public Safety Issues

A much more serious matter may be the basis or reason why someone really needs someone’s personal information via a number plate. You may be the victim of an irresponsible hit-and-run. Another possibility, for example, is that someone leaves their private vehicle for too long in your area or property, so don’t hesitate to ask the authorities for help.

Don’t be too confident to solve problems like this yourself. You may be able to ask someone you trust for help, but the risk is still too great because there are no authorities there to protect you.

It is very important to take notes, or in the current conditions you can take pictures to provide much more detailed information about the physical characteristics of the vehicle to share, in whatever condition it is. The most important thing is that you have to take a photo of the vehicle plate number, there is information about which state the plate was issued from, the name of the city, and the expiration date of the plate.

All the steps you take above will be very useful and very detailed. The police will be very grateful for making their investigation process easier. This detailed information will really help other important parties such as your insurance company. This insurance company is the one you can contact to help you if something happens to your personal vehicle.

There are many detailed guides that you can find to guide you in finding personal information via number plates. You just have to be diligent to find it.

Other Legal Questions

Not everyone can resolve legal problems that befall them or those closest to them. Things related to law can be very confusing, it is necessary to get insight and help from people who really understand the law.

There are many attorneys who provide consulting services, and they may be near you. Don’t hesitate to ask anything related to the law that might be very useful for dealing with problems in the future. You might be able to get some services for free if you are lucky enough.

That’s a review of how to find the name and address of a car driver using a number plate that you can use as a reference. Use all these steps wisely to do well and seek justice. Hopefully, this is useful and inspiring.

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