List of Crazy and Weird Laws in the United States

You may have heard of plenty of strange regulations out there. However, American laws have some funnier and weirder regulations than you might imagine.

Not being aware of them could make you an unwitting criminal and get you into legal trouble. Here are some strange and “crazy” American laws that might surprise you.

Strange State Laws in the United States

Most laws enacted by governments make sense. Others might make your brain struggle to believe America actually passed them.

1. Driving with Your Eyes Closed (Alabama)

Driving with Your Eyes Closed (Alabama)

The criminal definition in Alabama law seems somewhat different from the norm. You could be considered a criminal if you dare to drive with your eyes closed.

Is there a “Pay Attention to the Road” regulation to make people pay attention to the road while driving? People shouldn’t need laws like this because they should already be paying attention to the road.

Strange, but Alabama has passed a law to prohibit people from driving with their eyes closed. You really have to keep your eyes open if you don’t want to end up being arrested by law enforcement.

2. Making Ugly Faces at Dogs (Oklahoma and Ohio)

Making Ugly Faces at Dogs (Oklahoma and Ohio)

What would you do if you caught your pet dog at home peeking at you? If you respond with a silly face, that action could be considered a crime in Oklahoma.

The legal regulations in Ohio are even more strange and crazy than this. Anyone who gives “any” facial expression to a dog is considered a criminal. Whether it’s a silly face or not, you could be fined or even imprisoned.

3. Placing Animals in the Back of Open Vehicles (Alaska)

Placing Animals in the Back of Open Vehicles (Alaska)

Perhaps carrying animals in the bed of a pickup truck is easier to do. However, you should think again if you’re in Alaska.

The back of a pickup truck is off-limits for animals unless their tails are 46 inches or higher. This regulation was enacted after a puppy was reported by road users as a public nuisance.

4. Eating Dead Frogs During Frog Jumping Competitions (California)

Eating Dead Frogs During Frog Jumping Competitions (California)

In the state of California, there’s a very popular frog jumping competition. The largest competition is held in Calaveras every year.

If a frog dies during the competition, it must be disposed of as soon as possible. Dead frogs must not be eaten or used by residents for any purpose.

5. Donkeys Sleeping in Bathtubs (Arizona)

Donkeys Sleeping in Bathtubs (Arizona)

Allowing donkeys to sleep in bathtubs is an illegal act in Arizona. This strange law was enacted after the bursting of a dam in the 1920s. The dam water flooded houses where donkeys were accustomed to sleeping in bathtubs.

The flood swept the sleeping donkeys into the waters, requiring hundreds of people to struggle in the rescue efforts. To prevent dangers like donkeys sleeping in bathtubs, Arizona passed this peculiar law.

6. Right to Sunlight (California)

Right to Sunlight (California)

California law protects residents’ rights down to small things like sunlight warmth. The government ensures residents have access to sunlight for drying clothes.

Residents are allowed to install clotheslines for their laundry needs. This rather peculiar law was enacted to encourage energy efficiency, considering California receives ample sunlight (nearly 78% sunny throughout the year).

There might be specific provisions regarding the rules for hanging clotheslines. For example, ensuring the lines are safely secured and do not interfere with other properties or tenants in the unit.

7. Making Rude Gestures (New York)

Making Rude Gestures (New York)

Have you ever put your thumb on your nose and wiggled your fingers? Thumbing of the nose is a gesture usually done in jest or to mock someone.

If you make this gesture towards someone else, not only is it rude, but it’s also illegal in New York. Although the intention is to maintain civility, enacting it into law seems somewhat peculiar.

8. Milking Someone Else’s Cows (Texas)

Milking Someone Else's Cows (Texas)

There’s another strange regulation you can find in Texas law. The government enacted a rule prohibiting people from milking cows that don’t belong to them.

This specific law is intended to protect assets and prevent strangers from entering properties without permission.

9. Exposing the Flu (Washington)

Exposing the Flu (Washington)

This state has a rather peculiar regulation as well, which prohibits residents from exposing others to contagious diseases, even for minor illnesses like the common flu. This law states that individuals who transmit diseases can be found guilty.

So, refrain from exposing yourself, others, or even animals if you’re suffering from a contagious illness. Especially when in crowded places, on roads, or in other public areas. You might still be safe if absolutely necessary and done in a way that doesn’t endanger the health of those around you.

10. Sagging Pants (Delaware)

Sagging Pants (Delaware)

This specific law in Delaware might be the best example of strange regulations ever. The law prohibits the wearing of pants with the “low-riding pants” or “sagging pants” trend.

Wearing pants that sag below the waistline could end with an arrest by law enforcement. Although America highly values freedom of expression, many support this law.

11. Honking Near Sandwich Shops After 9 PM (Arkansas)

Honking Near Sandwich Shops After 9 PM (Arkansas)

A regulation that truly maintains community tranquility, yet on the other hand, could be a trap for anyone unaware of it. Strange and perhaps something you never imagined before, but honking near a sandwich shop at 9 PM is a legal violation.

Most sandwich shops in this state indeed close at 9 PM. The quiet of Arkansas shouldn’t be disturbed by foolish hungry individuals at night.

12. Whistling Before Dawn Until 7 AM (California)

Whistling Before Dawn Until 7 AM (California)

All residents of Berkeley, California are prohibited from whistling to summon their canaries back home. It’s not quite clear how this regulation came about. So, keep your canary safe because you won’t be allowed to whistle before dawn until 7 AM.

13. Singing in Swimwear (Florida)

Singing in Swimwear (Florida)

Imagine you’re enjoying a sunny day at the beach in your swimwear, and there’s great music playing. Perhaps you’ll be carried away and start singing along to the music.

You sing, and at that moment, you’re a criminal in Florida. For those in the sunny state, you’re not allowed to sing while only wearing swimwear.

There’s also a regulation prohibiting people from singing along to the radio while walking alone. If concerned, it’s best not to sing in public places!

14. Serving Ice Cream on Top of Cherry Pie (Kansas)

Serving Ice Cream on Top of Cherry Pie (Kansas)

Did you know that combining cherry pie with ice cream is considered a legal offense? The law in Kansas prohibits its residents from serving desserts like this. If you want to enjoy your dessert peacefully, make sure the foods are not on the same table.

15. Eating Oranges While Bathing (California)

Eating Oranges While Bathing (California)

Have you ever enjoyed oranges while soaking in a bathtub? You don’t need to because that’s illegal in California.

The law prohibits anyone from eating oranges while in the bathtub. It sounds strange indeed, but this regulation serves a very good purpose of maintaining safety and security.

Oranges contain citric acid which is believed to react with the natural oils present in the bathtub. This chemical reaction could lead to an explosion, so be cautious!

16. Pawnshops Accepting Fake (Prosthetic) Body Parts and Wheelchairs (Delaware)

Pawnshops Accepting Fake Body Parts and Wheelchairs (Delaware)

The law in the state of Delaware prohibits pawnshops from accepting work equipment as a means of transaction. However, some exceptions to the rule have been removed, leaving the prohibition against pawning prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs.

If you want to exchange cash for a fake hand or leg, don’t do it in Delaware. You’ll still need money and might even get fined up to $10,000.

17. Eating Fried Chicken Incorrectly (Georgia)

Eating Fried Chicken Incorrectly (Georgia)

It seems Georgia highly values fried chicken as part of their state. Georgia has a specific way of enjoying fried chicken: with your hands.

Eating fried chicken with any other utensil is an illegal act in Gainesville, Georgia. This law enactment might be quite peculiar but is done to support Georgia as the “Poultry Capital of The World”.

18. Driving without Husband Waving a Red Flag First (Louisiana)

Driving without Husband Waving a Red Flag First (Louisiana)

Driving around town with your beloved car might be a good idea. However, first, find your husband to wave a red flag.

Without the husband waving a red flag in front of the car, you’re not allowed to drive by the state. This regulation also applies in the state of Virginia for those who want to drive on highways.

19. Throwing Knives at Men Wearing Striped Suits (Kansas)

Throwing Knives at Men Wearing Striped Suits (Kansas)

Perhaps Kansas has a long story behind it that led to such a peculiar law. Kansas law prohibits anyone from throwing knives at men wearing pinstripe suits.

This specific law made by the state is very clear in maintaining the safety of its residents and the environment. What if you take the risk of throwing knives at women? A wise advice for you: don’t play with knives or throw them at anyone.

20. Tying Giraffes to Telephone Poles or Streetlights (Georgia)

Tying Giraffes to Telephone Poles or Streetlights (Georgia)

Should regulations like this really be part of the law? Yes, because in Atlanta, Georgia, a special regulation has been enacted that prohibits giraffes from being tied to store poles or streetlights.

Regardless of whether there are many giraffes in Georgia or not, when a long-necked animal is seen tied on the street, someone will be held accountable. Perhaps the government doesn’t want giraffes littering their city streets.

21. Shoe Polishing After 1 PM (New York)

Shoe Polishing After 1 PM (New York)

Spotting dirty and dull shoes after lunch? It’s better to leave them looking unpolished and not consider shining your shoes. Especially if it’s past 1 PM, as it’s illegal to polish shoes at that time.

Don’t worry about the appearance of your shoes and cherish yourself instead. Unless you have a specific duty for the state or stakeholders in hotel management.

22. Selling Cornflakes on Sundays (Ohio)

Selling Cornflakes on Sundays (Ohio)

In Columbus, Ohio, the sale of cornflakes must adhere to a regulation: they cannot be sold on Sundays. Perhaps this refers to “blue laws” in the state of Ohio that restrict certain activities on specific days.

So, don’t sell cornflakes on this forbidden Sunday. Why only cornflakes are prohibited? You might need extensive research to find the answer.

23. Eating Cottage Cheese on Sundays (Florida)

Eating Cottage Cheese on Sundays (Florida)

A special law in Tampa, Florida, might make you panic and bewildered at the same time. Namely, the law prohibits people from eating cottage cheese on Sundays.

If you’re craving this food, you’ll have trouble because cottage cheese is prohibited from consumption after 6 PM. Instead of being afraid, you might look for other options to replace cottage cheese.

24. Eating Hamburgers on Sundays (Minnesota)

Eating Hamburgers on Sundays (Minnesota)

Want to devour a hamburger to satisfy your hunger on Sunday? You’d better leave Minnesota to enjoy this food.

Hamburgers on Sundays are forbidden in St. Cloud, Minnesota. This regulation might still be related to “blue laws” as before.

25. Tying Alligators to Fire Hydrants (Michigan)

Tying Alligators to Fire Hydrants (Michigan)

Do ordinary people in Michigan bring alligators around town? Perhaps that’s what comes to mind when you learn about a regulation that prohibits tying alligators to fire hydrants in Michigan.

Whether this law exists or not, the safest place for alligators seems to be in captivity. Remember, don’t tie anything to fire hydrants.

26. Buying Ice Cream After 6 PM (New Jersey)

Buying Ice Cream After 6 PM (New Jersey)

Whatever the issue between New Jersey and ice cream, you won’t get both after 6 PM. Buying ice cream after 6 PM is considered a legal violation if you’re in New Jersey.

Unless you have a doctor’s note. With that note, you can go to Ben & Jerry’s to buy ice cream anytime.

27. Keeping Ice Cream Cones in Back Pants Pockets (Georgia)

Keeping Ice Cream Cones in Back Pants Pockets (Georgia)

Has your back pants pocket become a magical place to store ice cream cones? From now on, it’s best to clean your pocket because in Georgia, it’s illegal to keep ice cream cones in back pockets.

When public transportation still used horses, many thefts were done using waffle cones. Thieves baited horses with ice cream cones, even making horses reluctant to leave thieves.

The government took action by prohibiting its citizens from carrying ice cream in pants pockets. This also applies in several states like Alabama and Kentucky.

28. Farting in Public After 6 PM (Florida)

Farting in Public After 6 PM (Florida)

How can you control farting? You should think of a way because farting is prohibited in public in Florida after 6 PM. With this strange law, you might be okay legally if you fart before 6 PM.

29. Pushing Moose Out of Planes (Alaska)

Pushing Moose Out of Planes (Alaska)
Have you ever seen a moose fall out of a plane? It’s impossible in Alaska because it’s prohibited by law. Pushing moose out of planes is not allowed by the legislature.

This strange regulation might make your brain work hard, who brings a moose on a plane, or what if the plane isn’t flying? It seems better to sleep than to find the answers.

These are a series of unusual regulations made into law in several states of the United States. Which regulation do you think is the strangest?

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