Privacy Policy

Regarding privacy policy, Wilover always respects the privacy of those who need comprehensive information about the law. We are committed to always protecting the personal data of our website visitors. The privacy policy only applies to our online activities.

Every visitor to the Wilover website is advised to be familiar with our privacy policy. Our privacy policy applies to every visitor to the Wilover website concerning what information is collected or shared under applicable law.

Wilover’s website privacy policy does not apply to information collection other than on this website or offline information collection. With the privacy policy, we can explain how the Wilover website collects and uses visitor data when using our website features.


One of our website’s main priorities is to protect our visitors’ information. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the use of your personal information when accessing our website. Our consent is that you agree to every provision in our Privacy Policy when you use the Wilover website.

About Information Collected

Certain information is collected when you use our website, here are some types of web visitor information that our website collects:

– Personal information

For web visitors who contact our website directly through the page, we will receive some personal information. You collect your name, and email information when you contact us through that page. We also collect messages and attachments that you have submitted through our Contact Us form.

– Technical information

Our website also collects technical information about how visitors use the services and features we provide on the web. We collect data such as your device, browsing history, and IP address.

About How Your Information is Used by Our Team

In addition to collecting your information, we also use that information for several important purposes. The collection of web visitors’ information is intended for the following purposes:

    • To contact you about forms you submit to the website and communicate about our services.
    • To improve and maintain our website.
    • To provide our services and features
    • To develop new services, functionality, and products.
    • To protect the integrity of our website
    • To send you an email message
    • To find, anticipate, and prevent fraud
    • To analyze how visitors use our website/services

About Information Sharing

In general, there is no system of sharing personal information for each website visitor to third parties. We do not share user information for marketing purposes required by other parties but due to certain conditions, we may share such information. Due to the following purposes, you may share your information:

    • To protect the security of our customers and our company
    • To protect our property and rights
    • For legal matters, such as responding to court orders.

Web Cookies

While most websites use “‘cookies”, our website also uses them as well. Cookies on our website are used as information storage. The information stored by web cookies is a history of web pages visited and various visitor preferences.

With web cookies, we can more easily improve the user experience. Cookies allow us to customize specific content based on the source of the information referenced, be it the browser used by the visitor or other information referenced.

We care about providing personalized information, so we use cookies for that purpose. With web cookies, functions on our website can be stored to optimize access.

Log Files

In the use of log files, Wilover follows every applicable standard. With log files, visitor activity can be recorded every time they visit our website. Log files are one of the standards that exist in hosting agencies and are important to support hosting analysis.

Log files collect certain information such as ISP, IP, time information, date stamps, number of clicks, and associated browsers. Log files also collect information about exits and referring pages. None of this data is related to personally identifiable information.

With this information, it can help our website to manage the website more optimally. Log files can support tracking visitor movements, obtaining demographic data, and analyzing trends.

About Your Rights In the Use of Our Website

You have your rights regarding the governance of your information on our website. You have rights to the processing of your information on our website. You may wish to delete, refuse, or restrict the use of personal information on our website, which is your right.

You have the right to consent to withdraw whenever you need. If you need these rights, you can contact us at We respect and support every user’s right to access our website so we provide flexible policies to suit your needs.

About Privacy Policy Changes

About the changes that may occur to the privacy policy, we will notify you in detail through our website. Sometimes we need to update certain policies related to privacy governance to improve our website performance, website security, or other purposes. For any changes to the privacy policy, we will post it so that you can review the updated privacy policy.

Contact Us

We welcome suggestions, criticisms, questions, and requests about our website. You can contact us if you want to do any of that including if you have an issue with the privacy policy that we explained above. Please contact us via

To start asking questions or suggestions through the page, you need to input your name, email, subject, and your message.

Every time you visit the Wilover website, our web system stores certain trackers, one of which is a cookie on the browser to collect certain information. Various information that the system collects is related to user preferences or device systems.

With various tracking on our website, most of it is to improve the user experience including making the web system function as you expect. We utilize cookies and similar systems to ensure you get a more relevant and personalized website experience.

But you can also consider not allowing the trackers we mentioned above. This might affect your website access experience. To improve your experience using our website, we recommend enabling cookies. Always monitor our privacy policy to ensure you are using our website appropriately.