Trulincs Inmate Email System Explanation

Trulincs Inmate Email System Explanation

Federal inmates can access TRULINCS to send and receive emails through Corrlinks in their housing units. This email system allows federal inmates to correspond in the outside world at any one time with a maximum of 30 email contacts. The federal inmates can delete existing contacts and add new contacts. Of course, this system is monitored by prison. Read on to learn more about TRULINCS (Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System), a computer system that allows Federal inmates to email with approved contacts.

Understanding the Federal Inmate Email Systems

TRULINCS and Corrlinks, the federal inmate email systems, works as a connection between Federal inmates and their families or friends on the outside. The Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System or TRULINCS provides comfortable and secure email services for inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), allowing them to keep in touch with their families and friends. It also allows the inmates to reduce recidivism. As we know that TRULINCS is a computer system that allows Federal inmates to correspondence, while Corrlinks is the user interface for TRULINCS. That way, federal inmates and people on their contacts can exchange messages in a secure environment.

If you have family members or friends imprisoned in federal prison, it is important for you to understand the TRULINCS email system. It should be noted that inmates use TRULINCS to send electronic messages to people in their contacts. Then, these messages will be received in the contacts’ personal email inboxes on the Corrlinks platform. Well, then, the members of the community will be able to access the Corrlinks site to read, reply to, or send new messages.

Explanation of TRULINCS Inmate Email System

The Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System, simply called TRULINCS is a comfortable and secure email system that inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) use to keep in touch with the community. Of course, TRULINCS is very beneficial for inmate communication. With a secure email system, it will have the potential to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

TRULINCS electronic messages are more similar to a messaging system than regular email. Federal inmates do not have access to the internet. Instead, they send messages to the Corrlinks website. When family or friends in the inmate’s contacts want to reply to the message, they must log in to the Corrlinks site to send the inmate an email.

TRULINCS is a program deployed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to provide federal inmates with some limited computer access, such as sending and receiving electronic messages without needing access to the Internet. Apparently, now, electronic messaging has become a standard form of communication within most American homes and businesses. Of course, it can also be used to assist the inmates to keep in touch with their families and friends.

To access TRULINCS email services, inmates in federal prisons can use ‘TRU-Units’ for $0.05 per unit. For your information, these units are available in different quantities. They are used to pay for sending electronic messages. Each message costs five cents per minute. And, each page copied from an email costs 15 cents or 3 TRU-Units. Keep in mind that it is the standard cost for printing email copies. There are also specific limitations applied on the use of personal electronic message board systems. Of course, the inmates are given a time limit for sending public messages. They need to wait thirty minutes before logging back in. Therefore, the inmates must use this time limit well. If they exceed the set time limit, then their messages will automatically be saved in their drafts folder. For note: The system does not accommodate styles such as italics, bold, and foreign symbols as the system does not support these features.

The Cost of Using TRULINCS

The Federal inmates have full responsibility for the cost of using the TRULINCS system. There are no costs that are charged for outside contacts to send email for the inmates. So, what is the cost of using the TRULINCS system? In the previous paragraph, we have explained some information related to TRULINCS, including the cost of each electronic message. Yeah, for using any aspect of the TRULINCS email service such as composing, reading, and browsing messages, the inmates must pay five cents per minute. While the inmates are not charged for the time used by their contacts on the system.

As we said before, the inmates need to purchase “TRU-Units” for $0.05 each in groups of 40, 100, 200, 300, or 600 units, to pay the fee of inmate email service. Of course, the Federal inmates are free to choose how many units they want to put on the TRULINCS system. Need to know that the cost of purchasing “TRU-Units” is deducted from their commissary or trust fund balance. If the inmates want to print out copies of email, they are charged 15 cents or 3 TRU-Units per page.

In essence, the TRULINCS system imposes costs on inmates. So, if you have a loved one imprisoned in Federal prison, you should send them money between $15 to $30 per month so that your inmate has enough money to use the TRULINCS email service. That way your communication with your inmates will also be maintained.

TRULINCS Time Usage Limitations

Apparently, most Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities apply a thirty-minute or one-hour time limit on public messaging. The TRULINCS time usage limitation is aimed to create safety and ensure equal access to the TRULINCS email service.

When this time usage limit is exhausted, then the TRULINCS system will log them off automatically. If the inmates get this case, they need to wait thirty minutes before they can log in back. Therefore, the inmates should note the time usage limitations of the TRULINCS system. If federal inmates are in the process of typing messages when they reach the time limit, then automatically their message will be saved in their drafts folder. Do not worry, by clicking on the save icon, the inmates can come back to finish it later.

Need to note that families and friends of the inmates do not have time limitations for TRULINCS usage when sending messages to the inmates. Yeah, that is one of the advantages of electronically communicating with the inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). Families or friends of the inmates can utilize TRULINCS, the inmate email system, to keep in touch with their imprisoned loved ones without limitation. That is unlike inmate phone calls that are limited to only 300 minutes per month.

Sign Up for Corrlinks Inmate Email – Here’s Way

To start using the electronic messaging service, the Federal inmates need to login at a TRULINCS computer. Once logged in, the inmates can input their contact’s information, including name, email address and mailing address. After that, the system generates an email to notify the community member that a message from an inmate in Federal prison awaits them at Corrlinks website.

A system-generated message will instruct the contact to become an approved messaging contact. Then, you will be given an authorization code to activate the account. Once this authorization code is activated, inmate and outside contacts can send and receive electronic messages. To email an inmate, you as a user need to log in to the prison email account. This is conducted by you when you send emails to your imprisoned inmates and when you receive emails from your inmates. Keep in mind that the messages are not sent to a user’s personal email inbox. We can say that the Corrlinks and TRULINCS systems are more like a personal electronic message board.

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