What is a Public Trust Government Clearance?

What is a Public Trust Government Clearance?

Have any of you heard about public trust government clearance? This is one of the security clearances commonly used by professionals. Public trust clearance means that the government provides access to certain sensitive information to the party requesting the clearance. To find out more, you can check out this article.

About Public Trust Government Clearance

Earning public trust is very important for those who work in certain fields. What is obtained from this clearance can make them carry out their work properly whether it is in the field of government contracts, finance, and so on. So what is a government public trust clearance?

This is the clearance of people who apply for access to sensitive facilities or information. Public trust means that the government conducts certain investigative procedures to ensure that the applicant can be trusted enough. Various methods are used to find out whether the applicant can be relied upon for the information to be provided, and is of good enough character.

Usually, employees at federal agencies will need this clearance to work on their tasks or projects. Other parties that usually require public clearance are military services, government project contractors, and many more. The investigation conducted to grant this clearance is quite extensive.

Interviews can be applied to colleagues and family members. Furthermore, financial records can be checked in detail including credit history. Equally important in a public trust is the applicant’s criminal record, including various other personal details that will be taken into consideration.

How Important is Public Trust Government Clearance?

The main purpose of this public clearance test procedure is to protect every sensitive asset belonging to the government. There is a variety of sensitive information that should not be accessible to everyone. Without a public trust clearance, the use of these sensitive assets could be unauthorized, or misused.

Strict clearance procedures ensure that only trustworthy individuals can access national information. They must be able to reliably utilize the confidential information or be able to properly handle their various responsibilities using the information.

Therefore, public trust is usually granted to those who work for public safety, health, national security, and so on. Without a government public trust license, it can hamper important tasks, especially those related to federal interests. Many other things make public trust very important such as to increase career advancement in certain positions.

Guide to Getting Government Public Trust Clearance

Each agency may have a different process for you to get this clearance. But usually, an application will be submitted, and it will be about your employment and personal history. You will also have to complete certain identification processes such as fingerprinting, as well as an in-depth investigation into your background.

It will usually take a few weeks for the investigation procedure to be completed but it can also take months depending on the complexity. The level of clearance itself can affect how long it takes. Each person has a different background and some are quite complex to investigate.

However, the resources of the investigating agency also contribute to the speed of the public trust clearance procedure. If you have obtained the clearance, then you must maintain the clearance as much as possible. You must comply with every applicable regulation surrounding the use of public clearance whether it is in accessing, reporting, and so on.

Before going further to apply for a public trust government clearance, you should know what are the main requirements to obtain this clearance. The relevant agency will usually provide detailed information about these requirements. Usually, the requirements so that you can get this clearance are as follows:

1. Eligibility for U.S. Citizenship

One of them is verification of citizenship identity, this clearance generally applies to US citizens. However, certain exceptions can occur due to certain cases.

2. Passed Background Investigation

The investigation is one of the main points of granting public trust government clearance. Every applicant needs to pass a series of investigations first and the investigation into your background will be quite comprehensive. With a comprehensive investigation, the investigator can evaluate your character appropriately.

They can tell how trustworthy you are and whether or not you are reliable enough to be granted this clearance.

3. Financial Requirements

To obtain this clearance, financial history will be considered. Before successfully obtaining public trust clearance, the applicant’s credit score will be investigated first including the debts that are being charged to you. Several financial aspects are considered by the investigating team so that your trustworthiness can be assessed properly.

4. About Work History

Another aspect of being assessed for a public trust clearance is a thorough review of your field of work. Your work history will be investigated from various aspects and this is applied to ascertain how high your integrity is.

5. Criminal Record

The presence of previous criminal activity can threaten your chances of obtaining this clearance. Not only about criminal activities, the existence of a drug history can also harm access to public clearance.

So, more or less like that about the requirements that you must pay attention to if you want to get a trust government clearance. Then what is the application process like, here are some steps that you usually have to do:

    • You need to submit complete documentation to the relevant agency first, don’t forget to submit the required forms as well.
    • You can wait until the agency conducts a public license investigation. They will investigate by checking references, interviews, and other procedures.
    • You may be asked to fill out several questionnaires during the procedure, especially about security, and there are times when you may be asked for extra information. It’s more or less like the application process for a public trust license. You just have to wait for the investigation to be completed.

During the investigation period, there will be a thorough examination of various points, especially around the applicant’s life. There are times when they interview your family or neighbors. The investigator will look at your financial records and analyze whether or not they are appropriate.

Furthermore, your educational history will also be checked and other aspects will be examined to get a more definitive result. Although there are many investigative procedures, they are all conducted to determine your reliability in obtaining this license. The trustworthiness or possible exploitation of the applicant is a very important thing to assess in this investigation.

What Are the Things that Affect Access to Public Trust Government Clearance?

You might want to know some of the things that can affect whether or not you get this clearance. By learning more about it, you can anticipate to prepare better. More or less, your background will be the determinant but the character assessment also plays a big part:

Your past will be investigated to find any evidence or determinants that you are indeed reliable for a public license. The moral character of the applicant will be scrutinized to ensure that they deserve to be trusted with this government thing. For more details, you can refer to the following points:

1. Misinformation

If you misrepresent information or are intentionally dishonest then it can be bad for this license. When you hide certain important and relevant details for a public license application, disqualification is possible. Furthermore, personal behavior is one of the considerations in granting this clearance.

So patterns of dishonesty and the like will be assessed and possibly not given permission if it is indeed dishonest. For example, if you are identified as lying about an interview or the content of an official document, it could threaten your integrity points. Therefore, the investigator is concerned that it is not worthy enough to authorize public clearance.

2. Effect Of Foreign Connection

Another thing that you better pay attention to if you want to get a government public license is your relationship with foreigners. The foreign connection could be one of the security risks that is not quite acceptable if you want to access the public trust license.

3. Bad Credit

Financial considerations are one of the main aspects of this clearance investigation. If there is an excessive amount of debt, it can prevent you from obtaining public trust. The presence of poor finances could indicate that you are not responsible enough for your financial obligations.

Because financial considerations are not good enough, it can be a concern for the granting of public licenses. Financial responsibility is one of the most important aspects of life and it is important for those who need public trust to have it.

Aside from debt, other financial problems may indicate that you could be vulnerable to bribery or other potentially bad outcomes.

4. Have Certain Criminal Records

Having a criminal offense can affect your access to public trust licenses. It’s even worse if your criminal history is around national security and violent crimes. Such a criminal history may disqualify you from accessing public trust licenses.

5. Substance Abuse

Drug use can affect many aspects including getting government clearance. Substance abuse can give you a pretty bad judgment, they will think you are not reliable enough. The responsibility of public trust is serious and should not be given to those who have abused substances.

If the applicant is suspected of such actions, then they may not be considered reliable enough to hold sensitive facilities and information.

6. Loyalty Citizenship

Another factor is the loyalty of the citizen, the applicant needs to be loyal to the United States for the public trust to be granted. This factor, be it loyalty behavior or even certain associations needs to be considered to show the applicant is worthy of being granted a public trust license.

There are times when people tend to like and care about other countries more than the United States the country they live in. Investigations will sometimes focus on this factor as well.

7. Mental State

The last factor is mental state. Applicants need to be mentally healthy. Being mentally stable and healthy makes it appropriate to access public trust documentation and facilities. Certain mental conditions may lead to poor judgment or show that you are not capable enough to protect information.

Some Doubts About Public Trust Government Clearance

Misunderstandings are very likely to occur due to insufficient access to information or due to certain gossip. So that you can understand more about this clearance, please refer to the following points:

1. Is public trust clearance completely permanent?

To maintain this clearance, certain efforts are required. Revocation of clearance can happen due to certain factors such as personal circumstances. You need to go through a rigorous process to get a public trust clearance.

Apart from the documentation, you will also have to face various interviews to get the clearance you want. There is no specific expiration date but you need to know about credential lifespan and this will depend on various factors. The level of clearance is one of the factors, including whether or not there are certain significant changes in your life.

For trusted status to be maintained well, there are times when you need to complete periodic re-investigations.

2. Is public trust clearance only accessible to government employees?

Although in most cases, government employees must have this clearance, they are not the only ones who can get it. Those who work in consulting, contracting, or other occupations that work directly on government projects/contracts, can access public trust clearance.

That’s all about this clearance that plays an important role in the security of access to assets or sensitive information. The existence of a public trust clearance procedure can determine whether or not the relevant applicant is fully eligible for permission.

If it has passed a series of investigations conducted by a team of investigators, then the applicant is considered to have been trusted by the government to access facilities, assets, or sensitive information. Earning that trust is not always easy and most are quite complicated.

Various aspects of the applicant’s background will be investigated strictly and concerning various aspects, in other words, it is very comprehensive. With a comprehensive investigation, the applicant can be ensured not to endanger the security of the country.

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