Why Do Cops Touch the Back of Car When They Pull You Over?

Why Do Cops Touch the Back of Car When They Pull You Over?

In most cases, cops usually touch your car when they want to pull you over and it is usually done at the back of the car. So why do they touch the back when they pull someone over? Find out more in this article.

Cops Touch Car When Pull Someone Over

Touching someone’s car when pulling someone over is a routine for many cops. You can see for yourself that cops will touch the back of your vehicle through the rearview mirror. The purpose of the activity could be to support safety, assist with pre-investigation procedures, or other purposes.

There are times when they do this to reduce risks that may occur or can be dangerous. Even if we think it’s pretty weird and it’s not clear what the intent is, it’s the recommended method for safety purposes. Cops have the authority to stop vehicles in US traffic when there is a potential violation or crime.

One of the most common reasons why motorists are pulled over by cops is speeding. Unlike if there is a potential criminal act, the cops can search the driver or the vehicle. They need to search for illegal or dangerous items.

When there is enough evidence obtained by the cops, then the driver can be arrested or the passengers too if it is related to the case. So why is it that after the target vehicle has been stopped by police officers, they touch the car, especially at the back? It could be to confirm the condition of the trunk of the car, leave their fingerprints, or other intentions.

Although this method has been used for a long time, many cops still apply it today. But this habit could become less common with certain modern technologies. As we know, dashboard cameras have various effective benefits including for cops’ investigation needs.

Why Do Cops Touch The Back Of Your Car When They Pull You Over?

There are several underlying reasons why cops tend to touch someone’s car when they want to pull them over. Check out some points below about the reasons for cops doing something like that:

1. Leaving Fingerprints

One of the reasons is to prove who the cops are by leaving their fingerprints. After a driver is stopped for some reason, the cops will touch the back of their vehicle whether it’s the taillights or any other part. They do this to leave their fingerprints on the car so that they can confirm they were on duty in that vehicle.

With fingerprint marks, it can be evidence that the relevant officer was at the relevant location. The fingerprint evidence can be used in times of need, such as when a criminal investigation must be carried out if the driver is involved in a criminal case.

The possibilities of criminal traffic cases are quite diverse, be it vehicle accidents, shootings, and so on. When unwanted conditions occur to the cops on duty, the fingerprints left behind can help the investigation procedure. But instead of just leaving fingerprints, the cops could be bullying drivers if they have illegal or dangerous items in the trunk of their car.

2. Making Sure the Trunk is Properly Closed

Another reason cops touch your car especially at the back when you are pulled over is because they want to make sure the trunk of your car is completely closed. There is a possibility that the driver is hiding someone in the trunk but there is also a possibility that someone in the trunk could attack the cops.

The cops make sure the trunk of the car is closed, so they can do a pre-check. Those who are in the trunk will not easily get out if the officer makes sure the trunk is completely closed. This possibility can also be avoided by making sure the trunk is locked properly.

Without us realizing it, there are certain protocols that cops will follow when stopping a vehicle. They not only do protocols that can ensure violators are safe enough during the process but also for the safety of the cops themselves. Although the possibility of people getting out of the trunk is rare, quite strange, or like it only exists in TV series, it still needs to be anticipated properly.

3. Early Warning For Possible Prohibited Items

The next reason is to be able to warn drivers who are hiding items that they shouldn’t be. Although it may seem like a scare or a bully, there are times when this can reveal driver behavior that can be used as a clue.

So what are the prohibited items that cops need to investigate when pulling over a vehicle? It could be weapons, narcotics, or other items that are prohibited or include illegal goods. Every driver tries to hide certain items if they think it’s an item that could cause trouble when noticed by the cops.

By the time the driver is pulled over by the cops, they are likely trying to hide the item at least before the officer gets to the side of the window. Touching or perhaps knocking on the back of the vehicle, can minimize the intention or step of hiding items.

In other words, the driver may be more hesitant and afraid to hide it because they know the cops are already nearby. Although this is a very short time, the time available can still be used by officers to analyze the driver’s actions. This way of surprising the driver may offer another advantage to the cops.

4. Make the Driver Respond to the Action So That It Can Be Analyzed

There is quite a variety of training that cops do, one of which is interpreting or analyzing body language. To start observing the driver’s movements, the officer will touch a part of the car and then the response from the driver can begin to be interpreted by the cops.

A certain response from the driver can help cops analyze conditions more accurately and can get the best conclusion. Usually, when someone commits a certain offense or crime, they become quite distressed. These gestures can be noticed by the cops.

So, those are some of the reasons why cops tend to touch the back of your vehicle when you are pulled over by them. Cops will only pull over a driver when there is a potential violation by the driver, be it speeding or other potential violations of the law. Not only about traffic violations but also about criminal investigations as well.

Things to Do When Being Pulled Over by Cops

To maintain safe driving, every driver needs to know specifically about what they should do when pulled over by cops. Not everyone knows what to do or even they do things that don’t need to be done. In order not to make things worse and to better ensure safety, check out some of the things below that need to be done when cops pull you over:

1. Make Sure the Location is Safe Enough to Stop the Car

When you are pulled over by the police in their police vehicle, then you need to pay attention to the environment around you at that time. Not only do you need to pay attention to the conditions of the highway you are currently traveling on, but also pay attention to the conditions of the side roads. Use your mirrors well to make sure the place you pull over is safe enough.

When looking for a place to pull over, try to find a suitable parking location. You can also look for a shoulder area that is wide enough and make sure it is well-lit if this happens at night. When you are pulled over by the police, you can keep driving but only for a short distance to find the ideal place to stop.

The distance you have to travel when you are first pulled over by the cops can be quite long if it is a heavily traveled or busy traffic area. Even if you are quite surprised at the time, it is better to stay calm while driving. Make sure you focus on pulling over at a location you deem appropriate.

2. Roll Down Your Windows

When your car has come to a complete stop and pulled over in the right location, you can roll down the windows. But before that, try to calm yourself down first in case you are quite shocked or tense because of this unusual situation. Even though you are dealing with cops, it is not necessarily something you should be afraid of.

Calm yourself down by catching your breath, and making your body comfortable. Roll down your window, the window on your side, or the driver’s side. If it’s quite dark like at night, then you need to turn on the lights in your car.

Usually, the cops will be watching your movements so it’s best not to overdo it. If you are innocent, then stay calm and don’t look like you are hiding anything. It is advisable not to reach into the car compartment or under the seat because these movements can be considered quite suspicious to officers.

3. Don’t Forget to Turn Off the Car Engine When Parked

If your car has been parked properly and the engine has been turned off, then stay still and calm. It is advisable to keep your hands visible, for example by placing your hands and fingers on the steering wheel. When pulled over, you do not need to get out, just stay in the driving seat.

If you get out immediately even if the officer does not ask you to, it may be considered aggressive and suspicious behavior.

4. Follow What the Cops Tell You to Do

You can remain silent and wait for the cops to speak once they approach the car window area. A common thing cops do when pulling over a driver is to ask for a license. There are times when the officer uses a flashlight to highlight your hand movements especially if it is quite dark at the time.

After giving your license, it is better to keep your hands on the wheel to remain visible to the officer.

5. Stay Calm, Be Polite, and Cooperate Well With the Officer

The cops may pull you over for a traffic violation. If that is the case, then they will give you a ticket. Remain polite even if you get a ticket from the officer, and avoid arguing because it most likely will not affect the decision.

But you should reconsider if you truly believe that the charge is false. You have the right to defend yourself or tell the truth in court. The court can be a great place for you to tell the truth or clarify allegations that don’t add up.

A traffic ticket has several pieces of information that you must understand, including the day of the hearing and the fine you must pay. Usually, there are also instructions for completing the ticket, so it can be easier even if it’s your first time getting a ticket. If you are given a ticket, then you usually need to sign it first.

The signature on the ticket means that the recipient can be confirmed. If you feel that you were stopped for no apparent reason or you feel that you did not commit an offense, then the solution is to seek the help of a lawyer.

What Shouldn’t Drivers Do When Pulled Over by Cops?

The main job of cops is to help enforce the law including looking for people who break the law. One of the things you should avoid when pulled over by cops is lying. It is better not to lie to the cops in any situation.

When we lie, and if we are careless enough, then the cops may read our movements and consider us suspicious. We don’t know exactly what the cops know about our offense. It is possible that they already have evidence that you committed an offense, one of which is the recording on the dashboard camera.

Therefore, it’s better to consider not lying because it could make things worse. If you give false or misleading information, the cops might even charge you. But don’t let them blame you if you are innocent.

One of the routines of many cops when pulling over a car is to touch certain parts of the car, especially the rear. There are many reasons why cops do this, be it to make sure the trunk is closed properly, to make the driver respond to an action to be analyzed, or to leave their fingerprints.

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