How to Use iWebVisit for Inmates

How to Use iWebVisit for Inmates

If you have a beloved family member or friend who is incarcerated, we are sure that you would like to keep in touch with your incarcerated loved one. We also understand that sometimes it can be difficult for you to visit your inmate, especially if you are busy with your jobs and cannot visit the jail in person. Here iWebVisit comes to solve your problem. The iWebVisit remote video visiting system allows you to conduct online video visits with your incarcerated loved one from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you have access to high-speed and stable Internet. By the way, how to use iWebVisit for inmates? You can find out that information by reading this entire article.

Creating an Account on iWebVisit

To start using iWebVisit remote video visiting service, you need to create your account first.

Here is how:

    • At the first step, go to the official website of iWebVisit at
    • After that, you can click at “Create New Visitor Account.”
    • Now, you need to fill out some information. Firstly, enter your email address.
    • Then, enter your password (at least 10 digits long)
    • Please confirm your password.
    • The next step is to fill out your profile’s information.
    • Please enter your first name and last name.
    • Enter your date of birth.
    • Enter your mobile phone.
    • Enter your street address.
    • Enter City and Zip/Postal code.
    • Choose a State, Province, or Region.
    • Choose a Country.
    • In this step, you must choose the inmate’s facility from the dropdown selection. If you want to receive notifications when special offers are available, you can check the “Send me offers from via email or text.”
    • For confirmation and security, you must select to receive SMS notifications from iWebVisit. Then, you will be sent a temporary verification code via SMS text messages at the phone number you provided after you click on the “Create Account” button.

Finally, you can log in to your account and start using the iWebVisit service. Remember that by creating an account, it means that you also agree to the terms of use and policy of iWebVisit.

How to Schedule a Visit?

Once creating an account, then you will be able to schedule a visit. So, how to schedule a visit? Please follow these steps below to schedule and pay for a visit.

    • At the first step, you can log in to your account.
    • In the section following your profile information, you can click on the orange tab labeled “Schedule a Remote Visit.”
    • Please enter the first three letters of the last name of the inmate you will be visiting. And, choose them from the list provided. Click “Continue.”
    • After that, you need to select the Date, the length of visitation, and visitation time from the options provided. To continue the process, just click the Proceed to check out option.
    • Now, you can review the Summary for “Visitation Fee” and “Service fee” (if it applies), as well as your “Current Total.” You can enter your Payment information and click on the “Submit Payment” if you agree to authorize iWebVisit to charge your credit card and agree to the policy of iWebVisit. Otherwise, just select “Cancel.”

Usage Policies for iWebVisit’s Remote Visitation

iWebVisit has already assisted you to do a video visitation with your incarcerated loved one. Of course, you want to keep in touch with your incarcerated loved one. Therefore, ensure that your iWebVisit account is always active to enable conducting a video visitation with your inmate. To keep your iWebVisit account active, you must observe the acceptable use visitation policy of iWebVisit. If you do not obey the policies, then it may result in your visit being terminated and your iWebVisit account will be banned.

Here is a list of the usage policies for standard remote visitation:

    • The iWebVisit account must be made in the legal name of the main visitor. This person is responsible for the payment of the remote visitation.
    • If you get a warning during your remote visitation, please obey it. Arguing or complaining will not be able to change the iWebVisit’s policy.
    • Everyone that is participating in the remote visitation must be in view of the camera.
    • Unauthorized communication between the inmates is prohibited.
    • Do not use or display the drugs or drug paraphernalia.
    • Do not display the guns, imagery of violent, or gang-related clothing.
    • Do not operate a motor vehicle while conducting a remote visitation.
    • Do not display pornographic pictures.
    • Do not visit without a parent/guardian if you are under 18 years old.
    • Do not allow blocked visitors to use your iWebVisit’s account.
    • Do not record, stream, or take pictures of your visitation.
    • While visiting, do not conduct third-party calls.
    • The inmate you select when scheduling is the only one who attends your visitation.
    • Children are not allowed to be in the view of the camera unless they are dressed completely.
    • Visits are never private. Make sure you dress appropriately and do not be sexually explicit.

When you perform a video visitation with your inmate, you must dress and behave as if you were visiting a jail in person. Usually, each facility has its rules regarding video visitation. Make sure you comply with the rules of the facility.

Here are some examples of inappropriate clothing for visitors:

    • Swimsuits.
    • Exposed underwear.
    • Skin-tight garments
    • Halter tops.
    • Tube tops.
    • Thin-strapped shirts
    • See-through clothing.
    • Low-cut tops and skirts
    • Shorts/skirts that cut higher than 3″ above the knee.

System Requirements of iWebVisit

For the best video visitation experience, you need to check your device for compatibility. According to the official site of iWebVisit, here are the system requirements of iWebVisit.

Mobile Devices:

    • If you are an iPhone user, make sure that your device is iOS 13 or higher with Safari browser.
    • If you are an Android Smartphone, make sure that your device is Android 5.0 or higher with Chrome browser.

Desktop Devices:

    • Windows 8 or 10, Mac OSX, or Linux.
    • Recommended to use a residential Wi-Fi connection.
    • Recommended to use Google Chrome browser.

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