What Happens When You Delete an Inmate From JPay?

What Happens When You Delete an Inmate From JPay

With the JPay communication system, everything becomes easy since you can contact an inmate at any time. Likewise, for those who are in prison, it is one step easier for them to send you text messages or phone calls and even receive video visits.

Unfortunately, good things don’t always happen. There are times when problems just arise between you and an inmate—either the person is a friend, boyfriend, or prison penpal—leading you to want to block the person from your JPay’s contact list.

If this is what you want to do, you may need to know what will happen next. That means you shouldn’t find out too late. Okay, let’s discover it below!

Deleting an Inmate from Your JPay’s Contact List: Here’s What Will Happen!

Not being able to communicate with each other anymore is the only thing that will happen if you decide to delete an inmate from your JPay contact’s list.

Sure, the inmate can no longer write you messages or make a phone call. The rest of your conversation can still be available in your messaging history, but the video will disappear since it can only be accessed if the inmate is on your contact list.

Aside from that, you cannot add money to the inmate’s JPay account after deleting them from your contact list.

But if the inmate insists on contacting you, they’ll probably make a request to send you a letter. Of course, they can still do this as long as they have your phone number and home address.

Will an Inmate Know When You Delete Them from Your JPay’s Contact List?

Actually, there will be no direct notification to your inmates after you delete them from your contact list.

The inmate may notice if their contact has been deleted from your contact list when they try to call or send you a message. At this time, your contact or profile was not found in their JPay contact’s list.

How to Delete an Inmate from Your JPay Contact List

Deleting an inmate from your contact list can be done both on the JPay website and on the mobile app.

On the JPay App

You can do the following steps if you want to do so on the JPay app:

    • Open the JPay app on your smartphone.
    • Log into your JPay account.
    • Go to “Settings” and click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Click “Contacts.”
    • If you use Android, you can click on the inmate’s contact you want to delete. Then, select the “Trash Can” icon that can be found at the bottom of the screen. If the confirmation screen appears, you can click “OK.”
    • If you use iOS, you can click “Edit” on the red icon beside the inmate’s contact. Then, click “Delete.” If the confirmation screen appears, you can press “Delete.”

On the JPay Website

If you prefer to use the JPay website to delete an inmate from your contact list, you can:

    • Go to the official website of JPay here. http://www.jpay.com/login.aspx
    • Then, enter log into your account.
    • After logging in, you should go to the managing account section. Find “Manage Inmates” or “Blocked Inmates.”
    • Find the inmate’s contact information you’d like to delete.
    • Click on their profile or account. To continue deleting their account, you can try to look for “Delete” or “Trash Can.”
    • There may be a confirmation screen, and you should select “OK” or “Yes.”

To note: If our guide is slightly different from the one on the screen, you must follow on-screen instructions until you can really delete an inmate from your JPay contact list.

Can You Delete an Inmate’s Account on JPay?

You should understand that deleting an inmate from your JPay contact list is not the same as deleting their account from JPay.

If you delete an inmate from your contact list, all that will happen is that they will not be able to call you or send you a message. Otherwise, if the inmate’s account on JPay is deleted, it can entirely disable all of their activities on JPay. That means the inmate will no longer be able to use JPay to communicate with their families or friends.

The following are consequences when an inmate’s account on JPay is deleted:

    • It can disable their activities on JPay, such as sending or receiving messages, video visits, or other forms of communication.
    • The inmate cannot use the remaining funds in their JPay account.
    • The inmate loses access to other JPay services, such as educational resources and entertainment.
    • The inmate’s account may be archived, as it is possible their account will be deactivated again after deletion. But this will require the support of the authorities.

It’s important to note that you cannot directly delete an inmate’s account on JPay. Instead, you can make a request to the facility to delete or block them from JPay. And the inmate’s account removal on JPay can only be done by the administrator.

How to Unblock an Inmate from Your JPay Contact List

When you delete an inmate from your JPay contact list, you must also know how to add them in situations where you want to contact them again.

No worries! We’ll show you the guide to unblocking the inmate you’ve deleted from your contact list.

Here’s how!

  • First, log into your JPay account at http://www.jpay.com/login.aspx.
    • Once you’re logged in, you can go to the section regarding managing accounts.
    • It is usually done on “Manage Inmates” or “Blocked Inmates.”
    • In the section, you need to find the inmate that you want to block.
    • You can click on the inmate’s name or profile.
    • To unblock it, you may need to find a word that says “unblock” or “remove.” Then, click on it.
    • There may be a pop-up screen confirming whether you really want to unblock the inmate. If available, you can select “OK” or “Yes.”

If there are slight differences between our guide and what you see on the screen, it’s best for you to follow the on-screen instructions until you can unblock the inmate from your JPay contact list.

Can an Inmate Block You from Their JPay Contact List?

It is no less important. And it seems unfair if we only discuss how you can delete an inmate from your contact list. What if it’s the other way around? An inmate doesn’t want you to send text messages or call him for some reason.

The question is whether or not the inmate can also block you from their contact list.

The inmates couldn’t initially delete a contact from their list. They were only allowed to delete someone from their approved visitation list. But they could still receive emails or phone calls.

But starting July 20, 2021, every inmate who has a JPay account can now delete a contact themselves without having to request help from the facility. Just like deleting an inmate from your contact list, you can no longer send them a text message, make a phone call, or take a video visit.

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